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Hello and welcome to my gallery! Because most of my fundage goes toward other purposes in life, I'm very discerning about which cels I choose to own. Currently, I'm focusing on cels from Argentosoma and the Mermaid saga. I plan to also include cels of characters from various other series that have caught my heart for some reason -- among them Lain from Serial Experiments Lain and Miyu from Vampire Princess Miyu -- once I actually get some cels of those characters. ^_^ So although I may not update much, I think my cels are high quality. Enjoy your visit!

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3/18/2015Wow, a full 10 years since I last updated. It's not that I've stopped collecting; it's just that only now have I finally gotten my hands on new cels. Not surprising considering the rarity of the series I'm after. Some new Mermaid's Scar cels will be going up in the next few days. Enjoy!
2/23/2005As is obvious, cel collecting is not a major hobby of mine, hence the long time between updates. ^_~ If anyone knows what episode the Ranma cel comes from, please let me know. Thanks and enjoy! ^_^
5/2/2004Ningyo no Okuzashiku now open.

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Argentosoma (9) 5/2/2004
Mermaid Forest (3) 5/31/2020
Mermaid's Scar (3) 3/18/2015
Ranma 1/2 (1) 2/23/2005

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